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Cable Internet ProvidersWe’ve listed the top Cable Internet Providers for 2014 – services, line speeds, and best prices available.  Cable Internet has become the most competitive choice among residential broadband these days with its unique content, lightening fast speeds, and great premium packages.   The rates we found here are so low you may think you’re monthly bill is a swindle!

When choosing which service is right for you consider what cable internet providers offer the best content, premium packages available (in case you want to upgrade), and if this is for business or residence.  Sometimes you can call cable internet providers and get your current rates negotiated below their current rate.  However, cable internet providers usually give the best rates when switching services.  Are your cable internet features necessary, or do you rarely use them? What speeds are available from your cable company? What kind of support does the cable provider offer?  Standard rates displayed below may vary, based on your location, and are internet only discounts.

Top Cable Internet Offers
Service Plan
Line Speed
Email Capacity


AT&T U-verse

AT&T U-family TV +

Internet Elite

Double Play:

U-family TV + Internet Elite.


Special Price OR $100 Promotion Card. HD-ready DVR. Up to 130 channels available for 1 yr w/1 yr term


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6 Mbps


1 Mbps

10 Email Addresses

Unlimited Storage


Charter Internet Plus


Free ModemSecurity Suite Included$29.99 for 12 months


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(855) 402-1010


Up to 30Mbps

10 Email Addresses

1024 mb/ea

Time Warner Cable

Time Warner Cable Internet


Everyday Low Price Internet Starting at $14.99 per month and Triple Play is $79.99* per month for 12 months.


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(855) 402-1011



(up to) 50Mbps Upload: 5Mbps

5 Email Addresses

100 MB


Cox Internet Essential


$34.99/mo for first 3 months. TV and Internet bundle starting at $64.99 per month for 12 months.


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(855) 374-2129

Download: 9mb



10 Email Addresses

2048 mb/ea




• Get download speeds up to 20Mbps• Fastest Downloading Speeds upto 105 Mbps• Comprehensive Security Suite

$34.95/mo. for 6 mos.

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(855) 402-1009


25 Mbps

7 Email Addresses

10 MB/ea


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