Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband

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Price Per Month:
$50.00/4GB Mo.

Offer Details:

Current Promotion: Mobile broadband plans are 4GB for $50, 6GB for $60, or 8GB for $70, or 10GB for $80. Get unlimited talk, text, with 6GB data for $140 a month plus taxes.
Data Usage: Unlimited data – $.05/mb overage charges.. FREE Wi-Fi available to all mobile broadband plan subscribers.
Network Speed: 4G download speed up to 12mbps. 3G download speeds of 600 Kbps  – 1.4 Mbps. Upload speed 500 Kbps – 800 Kbps.
Coverage: Best US coverage overall.
Pros: Verizon Wireless has the most extensive nationwide coverage.
Cons: Fees for devices are too high, and 3g coverage low.
Verizon Mobile Broadband

Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband Review

Verizon mobile broadband made a strong showing last year and has only improved since then. This year Verizon offers d prepaid mobile broadband, the 2nd fastest 3G speeds, potentially the largest 3G network, and some great new broadband cards to top it off.

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With a variety of postpaid and prepaid plans, Verizon mobile broadband has a 3G plan for just about everyone. Just watch those data caps on the postpaid plans. Mobile broadband plans are 4GB for $50, 6GB for $60, or 8GB for $70, or 10GB for $80.

Verizon 3G/4G Speed

Verizon 3G speed is second in line right behind AT&T the “nation’s fastest 3G network”. However, they’re a full 20% more reliable than ‘ma bell’.

The claims about which broadband network is fastest can be pretty confusing. Speeds are advertised as a range, your performance varies based on the circumstances. Verizon Wireless’ data network, like Sprint’s and Alltel’s, operate using the EVDO (Evolution Data Only) architecture. Speed of AT&T’s 3G network may come out a bit faster, however ratings and consumer reports show Verizon the winner of 4G network speed tests. When using a mobile broadband device be use WIFI where available for best performance.

Network Coverage

There has been a long standing battle about whether Verizon Wireless or Sprint has the largest broadband network in the U.S. Without question, Verizon Wireless is available to most people most of the time.

Verizon Wireless offers GlobalAccess for international broadband data transfer but its coverage is far less than that of the leader in global access – AT&T. That’s largely because VZW uses a CDMA/EVDO network which, despite being superior in many ways, is largely a North American phenomenon. The plan allows for 5GB per month of usage in the United States and Canada. The same $0.25/MB overage fee applies as to the domestic plan. It also includes a 100MB allowance in other select countries.

Data Reliability

You may be familiar with Verizon’s marketing slogan “America’s Most Reliable Network” and in this case the marketing hype seems to have some muscle to back it up. Consumer surveys give this carrier high marks for their mobile broadband reliability.. The “ can you hear me now” guy, Verizon Wireless really does employ about 90 test teams that drive a million miles a year across the county’s highways and byways testing their network…and that of the competitors. Competitors haven’t disputed the claim and J.D. Powers ranks Verizon Wireless tops in customer satisfaction for wireless data services.

Customer Service

Just as network reliability is a strong point for this mobile broadband service, so is customer service. T-Mobile has been the perennial winner in J.D. Powers and Associates customer satisfaction surveys but Verizon Wireless comes in a very close second. Just how close? Their overall score was more than 99.2 percent of T-Mobile’s winning numbers. It’s also interesting to note that Alltel, which has been acquired by Verizon Wireless, was third by the narrowest of margins. The merger could be an opportunity for some valuable synergy.


Great reviews on service, reliability, and now with better coverage. With the latest Jetpack devices at low rates, and able to support up to 10 devices, we say Verizon is the premier US mobile broadband product. Highest marks! You may get better coverage if going overseas, however don’t hesitate to try the Verizon challenge – return the mobile broadband device for a full refund if not satisfied.

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