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iPhoto – “Framed in a whole new way.”

The interface for iPhoto is sleek, and elegant – as you’d expect from Apple. With the new interface, your photos are automatically grouped by month, so they’re even easier to browse.iPhoto

There’s no shortage of photo-editing apps for iOS, and the iPad.  But, iPhoto could very well be the new standard by which all others are judged by.
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Creating a Secure Password

As insecure as passwords generally are, they’re not going away anytime soon. Every year you have more and more passwords to deal with, and every year they get easier and easier to break. You need a strategy.Generating a Secure Password

The best way to explain how to creating a secure passwords is to explain how they’re broken. The general attack model is what’s known as an offline password-guessing attack. [Read more…]

How to save on no-contract mobile phone plans

No contract phone plans that you’ve never heard of!

The mobile phone industry is changing rapidly, and it’s all good for you. It used to be that signing a two-year contract with a major carrier was the only way you could get the newest phones and the best coverage. That’s not so true anymore.

Instead of a standard 2-year contract, you can bypass it and purchase an unsubsidized, unlocked phone – even leading-edge models.
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High-Tech Smokers Beware: FDA proposes big regulations on e-cigarettes

The FDA has proposed new rules that would bring electronic cigarettes under its regulations for tobacco products, even though that’s not exactly what theyecig are.

The New York Times broke this story yesterday (April 24th), saying the FDA was preparing to announce “sweeping new rules” to regulate the sale of e-cigs, cigars, gels, and pipes. The proposed rules bring electronic nicotine delivery systems aka e-cigs under the exact same stringent rules as Marlboros.
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Amazon, HBO Go After Netflix Audience With Streaming Deal

The deal announced Wednesday will make The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire, and other HBO shows available on Amazon Prime Instant Video.Amazon, HBO streaming deal

Amazon.com Inc. announced a content licensing agreement Wednesday that will allow it to stream select HBO programming on its Prime Instant Video service.

Popular shows including The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire, Big Love, and Deadwood, will be among the offerings, according to a release from Amazon Prime.
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Should You Buy a Router If Your ISP Gives You a Combined Router/Modem?

Many Internet service providers are now giving their customers combined devices that function as both a modem and a wireless router. With these devices, you don’t have to buy a router — but you can, if you like.Home Router

While separate routers can be more powerful, configurable, and feature-filled, that isn’t necessarily a good thing for everyone. Whether you should get a separate router or not depends on what trade-offs you want to make. [Read more…]

AT&T to take gigabit broadband to 21 new metro areas

AT&T plans to extend its U-Verse with GigaPower fiber network to more cities as it prepares to face off with Google in deploying ultra high-speed broadband.
AT&T Gigabit

AT&T Gigabit

AT&T is giving Google a run for its money when it comes to building ultra high-speed gigabit broadband networks.

On Monday, AT&T announced that it has begun talking to municipalities in at least 21 major metropolitan areas to bring its AT&T U-Verse GigaPower fiber network to these communities. Like Google Fiber, the U-Verse GigaPower network offers broadband customers 1 gigabit per second downloads at what’s expected to be an affordable price.

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Netflix Price Hike


The online video service is planning its first US price hike since 2011 — the year it lost thousands of subscribers after a failed attempt to split its DVD rental and on-demand services. Chief Executive Reed Hastings provided hazy details about Netflix’s planned rate hike, which he downplayed as modest, during a webcast Monday discussing the company’s first quarter results.

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Top 10 Android Apps of 2014

Phone Apps

In the past 12 months, we’ve seen the release of some truly remarkable new apps on Google Play.  Android Apps are now quite the rage, and the flood of demand is *almost* overwhelming. Why is Android App Development Is So Popular?  Everyone have a smartphone these days (90% of mobile phone users), and among the various brands available Android is the most popular.

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Satellite Internet Provider Reviews

Satellite Internet access is Internet access provided through communications satellites, and are the best alternative to those living in remote areas where DSL and Cable Internet Service are not available.  See our satellite internet provider reviews for the best available deals in your area.
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