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Cleans up, Tunes up and Speeds up your PC

Norton Utilities

Buy Norton Utilities – Save $30 Now!

Over time, as the hard drive fragments, Windows registry gets messed up, and software leaves behind junk even when it’s uninstalled – your PC begins to sloooowwww down. Norton Utilities aims to fix the problems that plague PCs by repairing invalid registry entries, removing orphaned registry entries, and turning off non-essential startup programs. Now save $20.

Norton Utilities is a good program for helping you maintain a fully functioning PC. This PC system utilities tool also has an easy interface, which makes finding what you need very easy. Five tabs across the top of the screen help diagnose your system, make changes, fix problems and keep your system healthy.

To determine your PC’s overall health, Norton Utilities asks you to run the one-click optimization button. The scan will find registry issues, unused applications and other similar problems with your system. From the recovery tab in the software, you’ll be able to select which fixer you’ll want to perform. From here, you can choose to recover lost files, repair drives or uninstall unused programs.


Norton Utilities works well and has a license for 3 PC’s. Norton Utilities improves system performance. It performs real-time system monitoring. The navigation is easy to use, and you’ll quickly be able to find the tools you’re looking for.


Diagnostic tools and startup program management are two major areas where Norton Utilities does not excel, both of which are key features for keeping your system up to speed.

Norton Utilities comes with Norton Security Internet Security Suite (Deluxe or Premium), but can be bought separately at a discount now.

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