DSL Internet Service – Still can’t be beat!

DSL InternetDSL Internet service is sill the best all around service choice for most home use.  Although cable, and fiber broadband providers offer the fastest service they are no match when it comes to bang for the buck.  So why are ISP’s  doing everything they can to move consumers off DSL? 

Broadband providers tirelessly try to get subscribers upgraded to cable, fiber optic, and mobile services so they can cover costs incurred by installing the backbone.  DSL Internet Service doesn’t make ISP’s as much profit.  It’s like the business model of Starbuck’s – how long would it take them to go out of business if everyone ordered the brew of the day?  They’re counting on you ordering a cappuccino, or a mocha…

For most consumers DSL Internet Service is more than adequate for their needs.  And, at prices starting at $14.95/mo it’s unbelievably affordable.  Best package for consumers on a budget is DSL Internet Service (with phone line included), then a low-cost Satellite TV bundle for your TV service.  With that you’ll get Broadband Internet Service, and hundreds of top-rated channels, for no more than $50 per month!  This depends on location, and if you order online, of course.  Sounds almost too good to be true, but you’ll find these same deals here.

Here are some of the best deals with Top DSL Service Providers (Most rates good for online orders only).

Top DSL Deals


Service Plan



Line Speed

Email Capacity

High Speed Internet

DSL w/ Qualifying Phone Service


24/7 customer service
Virtually unlimited email storage
AT&T Security Suite by McAfee® (for 1yr w/1yr term.)
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3 Mbps

512 Mbps

Unlimited Storage

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Verizon High Speed Internet – Enhanced


(Verizon home phone service required)


Email, download songs & photos, shop and surf. Great for casual Internet use. Email accounts for the family with ample storage. [Terms of service]

$19.99/mo.+ taxes & fees

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Or Call:
(855) 374-2126

.5 to 1 Mbps

Upload: 768Kbps

9 Email Addresses

Storage: 250 mb/ea

CenturyLink Internet


DSL Internet


Consistently fast service every day. Technical Phone Support. No Contract Required. 5 Year Price Guarantee. *Starting at $19.95 per month for 12 months when bundled with home phone. Unlimited nationwide calling where available.
Starting at: $19.95/mo.*
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768K to 40Mbps


11 Email Addresses

10 mb/ea

Toast.net DSL

DSL with phone service


Standard DSL: Includes AV Software and photo sharing;
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5 Email Addresses

Storage: 500 mb/ea

Earthlink DSL

Earthlink DSL

Basic DSL with phone service


Free DSL modem, Free dial-up away from home, Free Virus Protection. Speeds from 1.5Mbps to 8Mbps based on location. Great value.
$14.95/mo. for 3 Mo.
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4 Email Addresses


Sonic DSL

Basic DSL
Best low-cost solution. Free Activation; Download speeds from 768Kbps to 6Mbps. Basic DSL rate is for 12 months.
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Download: 768Kbps

Upload: 384Kbps

15 Email Addresses

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