Netgear offers mobile broadband service with routers

Netgear is starting to sell 4G mobile broadband along with its mobile hotspot devices. Unveiled at CES in Las Vegas, the Netgear Around Town Mobile Internet offer is available initially in the US on the Sprint network. The AirCard  hotspot allows users to connect up to ten devices to the 802.11n Wi-Fi network. It will sell for USD 199.99 including 1 GB of data that doesn’t expire. Users can add more data at a cost of USD 25 per GB, with no contract required. The device can be extended with MIMO antennas and Gigabit Ethernet with the optional Boosting Cradle for USD 69.99. Both devices are for sale on Amazon. [Read more…]

Houston mom creates app to control child’s phone

teen with phoneFor parents of teenagers, not knowing where your child is can be frustrating, even frightening. Giving them a cell phone doesn’t always mean they’ll answer.

That’s why one local mom took control and invented an app that her kids — and your kids — can’t ignore. [Read more…]

Nokia 130 battery lasts more than a month, costs 19 euros

The new old-school Nokia 130 comes in single or dual-SIM versions and goes on sale in China, India and Africa.Nokia 130

A new budget mobile phone that can play movies, has a one-month battery life and is cheaper to buy than one of the top-up cards it uses has been unveiled.

Nineteen euros won’t buy you much in this day and age, but it will buy you a no-frills Nokia phone. The Nokia 130 is an old-school mobile phone at an old-school price for developing markets, with basic smartphone features like music and video in a phone that will last over a month before it needs juicing up. [Read more…]

Your Phone’s Hardware Can Reveal Your Identity Even If Your Data Is Safe

Your personal data isn’t the only thing that can identify you. Now your hardware can, too.

Researchers at Stanford University have figured out how to accurately identify a device, even if apps can’t access its data, by building a profile of its unique hardware quirks. Taken together, a device’s many tiny idiosyncrasies—due to manufacturing errors—make up a so-called “sensor fingerprint.” [Read more…]

Mobile Phone Banking Gaining in Popularity

Mobile Phone BankingMobile phone banking is gaining in popularity so swiftly that it is set to overtake online banking in just a few years.

This trend has security implications for growing firms that are increasingly adopting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies to keep up with the need for an optimized mobile information infrastructure.
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Apple’s Secret Ebay Store Is Back With Cheap Refurbished iPhones

Apple Store

Just like the odd eBay storefront that popped up last year, a new site called Factory Outlet eBay Store is selling refurbished Apple products and, despite any official Apple branding, is almost definitely the result of a partnership between Apple and eBay. And it’s selling Apple Certified Refurbished iPhones for cheap. [Read more…]

Intelligent phone charger that knows when to switch itself off

The power waste from the world’s 6.8 million mobile devices and increasing amount of tablets costs us 2 nuclear power plants, 25,000 wind power mills, or enough solar panels to cover Minnesota.  But now you can charge your phone responsibly – A Finnish engineer has invented a ‘smart plug’ that turns off when not in use.

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Fighting high-tech crime: OSCE provides mobile phone forensics training

iPhone during the 'jailbreaking' process

iPhone during the ‘jailbreaking’ process

In an era of advanced technology¸ extracting data from mobile phones has become an important element in police investigations and solving cases.  These investigations can cover high-tech crime such as identity theft and hacking, but also prove useful in other investigations. Because of that the OSCE provides mobile phone forensics training as standard training. [Read more…]

AT&T Rolls Out Wireless Home Phone Base – phone and Internet via cellular

AT&T Wireless Home Phone Base now rolled out – A device for phone and Internet service nationwide starting May 23 following a trial launched in select markets in 2013.

Dallas — AT&T is rolling out its Wireless Home Phone & Internet device and service nationwide starting May 23 through all sales channels following a trial launched in select Northeast markets in 2013. [Read more…]

XDModo window solar charger sticks to the inside of a window to soak up the sun

XDModo solar chargerIf you’re luck enough to have an office with a window, facing the sun, it’s now perfect for juicing up the battery with your solar device charger.  XDModo has a sticky solution that now makes it easy. Users can stick the 0.68-inch thick Window solar charger to the inside of a glass window with the photovoltaic panels facing out, and then feed off a charging cable to a portable device positioned in the cooling shade.
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