Bank of America’s Mobile App

What Percent of Bank of America’s Customers Uses Its Mobile App?

January 03, 2017, 12:42:00 PM EDT By John Maxfield,


One of the things Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) points out whenever it gets the opportunity to do so is that a growing share of its customers are using its mobile banking app to do things they once did at one of its branches.According to Bank of America’s latest data, it has 34 million active digital accounts — online plus mobile — with more than 21 million of those being active mobile users. Given that the North Carolina-based bank serves approximately 47 million consumer and small business customers, this means that 45% of them actively use its mobile app. [Read more…]

Earthlink DSL – Review

Pros: Self-installation kit; free antivirus and firewall protection; easy-to-use software interface.Earthlink

Cons: EarthLink doesn’t offer its DSL service directly, so you must connect through your local phone company.

Bottom Line: EarthLink DSL service is perfect for the home user who wants reasonably priced broadband, and easy installation – as long as they’re not afraid of a 12-month commitment. [Read more…]

CenturyLink DSL Review

CenturyLink’s appeal lies primarily in its speeds, which are much faster than most other DSL internet companies, and should be enough to satisfy heavy internet users.


PROS: CenturyLink provides a variety of connection speeds and at much higher speeds than standard DSL.  It also includes Norton internet security.

CONS:  If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, CenturyLink does not provide cable internet, only DSL and fiber.

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AT&T DSL Review

ATT’s DSL Internet is still a great deal for folks looking for a reliable company that allows flexibility and so many choices to bundle their TV, phone, and Internet services together.  AT&T deals online are now better than ever, and although there are so many choices today DSL can still bring the greatest value.

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Verizon DSL Review

Verizon FiosVerizon Wireless offers some of the fastest, and most inclusive Internet Services available online.  However, with all the bells and whistles they still have one of the best low-cost solutions for DSL.  Starting at $19.99/month, Verizon has packages that are sure to fit your needs – from basic service to platinum top-shelf.   Here, we’re reviewing FIOS DSL, and DSL is still the greatest value for home Internet Service.

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Google to provide San Francisco with insane speeds on their high-speed Internet

google fiberTo speed up the rollout, Google will use existing fiber rather than build a network from scratch. But that means only certain neighborhoods will be eligible.

Google will soon provide San Francisco its high-speed Internet. San Francisco has joined a half-dozen other cities in queue for Google’s high-speed fiber Internet service.

Google will bring the service to some apartments, condos and affordable housing properties in San Francisco, the search giant said in a blog post Wednesday. But the rollout comes with a catch. [Read more…]

Online Publishers Group Wants ISPs To Honor Do-Not-Track Requests

Web PrivacyBroadband providers inform consumers about online tracking and give them a “meaningful choice” about whether their data will be used for behaviorally targeted ads, the online publishers’ organization Digital Content Next says today in a letter to the Federal Communications Commission.

“In light of their access to sensitive information about consumers, we urge the FCC to require broadband providers to provide consumers with transparency and meaningful choice with regard to the collection and use of personal information especially when this data will be used for purposes that fall outside of a consumer’s expectation and outside of the context of the interaction where the data was collected,” the organization writes. “Consumers should have the ability to exercise choice via a mechanism that is easy to use, persistent and universal.” [Read more…]

LinkedIn Etiquette – 15 Simple Rules to Follow

Linkedin EtiquetteShould we be friends, or colleagues…?  Does my resume’ suck?  15 Rules You Should Know About LinkedIn Etiquette

Whether you’re a business owner, or looking for a job – LinkedIn is always a place potential business connections see first.  It’s social, but very different.  It’s not like you have an exact recipe to follow. [Read more…]

Norton Utilities Software Review – Save $30 Now

Cleans up, Tunes up and Speeds up your PC

Norton Utilities

Buy Norton Utilities – Save $30 Now!

Over time, as the hard drive fragments, Windows registry gets messed up, and software leaves behind junk even when it’s uninstalled – your PC begins to sloooowwww down. Norton Utilities aims to fix the problems that plague PCs by repairing invalid registry entries, removing orphaned registry entries, and turning off non-essential startup programs. Now save $20. [Read more…]

Politwoops Returns to Twitter – The True Story

Even politicians post things they regret later!politwoops

Twitter on Thursday announced the return of Politwoops.  Politwoops, the site that aggregated deleted tweets from politicians and their staff, was blocked by Twitter in June.

Under heavy public shaming Twitter graciously reached an accord with The Sunlight Foundation and The Open State Foundation, to allow Politwoops to continue exploiting Twitter private user content for political gain. [Read more…]