Bank of America’s Mobile App

What Percent of Bank of America’s Customers Uses Its Mobile App?

January 03, 2017, 12:42:00 PM EDT By John Maxfield,


One of the things Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) points out whenever it gets the opportunity to do so is that a growing share of its customers are using its mobile banking app to do things they once did at one of its branches.According to Bank of America’s latest data, it has 34 million active digital accounts — online plus mobile — with more than 21 million of those being active mobile users. Given that the North Carolina-based bank serves approximately 47 million consumer and small business customers, this means that 45% of them actively use its mobile app. [Read more…]

TalkTalk offers new broadband packages to compete with rivals

Internet service provider TalkTalk throws down with its rivals by offering packages that are more customer centric – can BT and Sky answer with their own?

Internet service provider (ISP) TalkTalk just announced changes in its broadband packages, to compete stronger against rivals such as BT and Sky, and bringing itself in line with upcoming changes to advertising rules. [Read more…]

Liberty Broadband has a Bright Future – Comcast to Shrink

Sad Comcast

Behemoth Comcast has had a great run, but its growth is beginning to slow. Instead, check out this cable company, which is packed with potential.

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BEREC Announces More Net Neutrality Decisions – Taking a more practical stance

The Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC), has made some big changes to their proposed net neutrality regulations following industry feedback.  And, it’s no surprise they’re planning on allowing companies to make money.  Perhaps they’ve taken some time to learn how the telecom industry works!?Euro-flag
BEREC released its final guidance at a press conference on Tuesday, arguing that the changes integrated the commercial freedoms demanded by operators and restrictions sought by users.The telecom industry and other actors have been providing feedback – there were 481,547 contributions in all – on draft guidance BEREC published in June. [Read more…]

London Politicians urge Pokémon plod Cops to use Pokemon Go to catch mobile phone thieves

London: It has been suggested cops be stationed near ‘hot spots’ following robbers targeting keen gamers.

COPS should become “Pokémon plod” to catch real-life monsters who target players of the popular mobile phone game, politicians demanded last night.

The calls come after a reported spate of crimes has seen crooks mugging or attacking Pokémon Go players, who travel to real locations to collect items and catch monsters. [Read more…]

Run Your Own Cartel With Netflix Narcos Mobile App

Ever wanted to be a drug kingpin? Well, now you can try out the lifestyle without a stint in jail. 

Fans of “Narcos,” the Netflix drama about the hunt for Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, will soon be able to build their own international crime syndicates in a new game based on the show. [Read more…]

Symantec – the popular computer protector – may actually help hackers, feds warn

Symantec is one of the most popular security tools protecting government, corporate and personal computers.

But the program has so many critical holes — which could let hackers into computers — that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a stern warning to the public this week.  Symantec may actually help hackers, feds warn. [Read more…]

Earthlink DSL – Review

Pros: Self-installation kit; free antivirus and firewall protection; easy-to-use software interface.Earthlink

Cons: EarthLink doesn’t offer its DSL service directly, so you must connect through your local phone company.

Bottom Line: EarthLink DSL service is perfect for the home user who wants reasonably priced broadband, and easy installation – as long as they’re not afraid of a 12-month commitment. [Read more…]

CenturyLink DSL Review

CenturyLink’s appeal lies primarily in its speeds, which are much faster than most other DSL internet companies, and should be enough to satisfy heavy internet users.


PROS: CenturyLink provides a variety of connection speeds and at much higher speeds than standard DSL.  It also includes Norton internet security.

CONS:  If you’re looking for an inexpensive option, CenturyLink does not provide cable internet, only DSL and fiber.

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Hughes Launches Consumer Satellite Internet Service in Brazil

HughesNet® High-Speed Satellite Internet Service Reaches 85 percent of Population in South America’s Largest CounHughes-Net-Logotry

Jun 29, 2016, 10:00 ET from Hughes Network Systems, LLC

GERMANTOWN, Md., June 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes), an EchoStar company and the global leader in broadband satellite solutions and services, today announced the launch of HughesNet® high-speed satellite Internet service in Brazil, the company’s first international deployment of its award-winning consumer service outside of North America, beginning on July 1. [Read more…]