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5 Myths About Online Safety and Kids

kids-computersIf you read any of the many horror stories about online safety you’ll want to wrap your kids up in cotton wool and ban them from the internet until they’re 35.

While inappropriate content and bad people are out there, the internet can be an exciting tool for kids too.

Knowing as much as you can about online safety is the quickest way to help keep your kids safe on the internet, which is why we’re taking a look at five big myths about online safety. [Read more…]

Norton Utilities Software Review – Save $30 Now

Cleans up, Tunes up and Speeds up your PC

Norton Utilities

Buy Norton Utilities – Save $30 Now!

Over time, as the hard drive fragments, Windows registry gets messed up, and software leaves behind junk even when it’s uninstalled – your PC begins to sloooowwww down. Norton Utilities aims to fix the problems that plague PCs by repairing invalid registry entries, removing orphaned registry entries, and turning off non-essential startup programs. Now save $20. [Read more…]

Politwoops Returns to Twitter – The True Story

Even politicians post things they regret later!politwoops

Twitter on Thursday announced the return of Politwoops.  Politwoops, the site that aggregated deleted tweets from politicians and their staff, was blocked by Twitter in June.

Under heavy public shaming Twitter graciously reached an accord with The Sunlight Foundation and The Open State Foundation, to allow Politwoops to continue exploiting Twitter private user content for political gain. [Read more…]

FCC and Net Neutrality – Destroying the Dynamic Internet

Before another court challenge, a slew of experts explain why the FCC’s net neutrality rules won’t work.

In August of 2015, a diverse collection of engineers, economists, civil rights organizations, manufacturers, businesses and legal scholars filed briefs with the Washington, D.C. Court of Appeals arguing why the Internet should not be subject to the Federal Communications Commission’s new open Internet rules – regulations copy-pasted from the telephone network of the 1930s. The briefs highlighted several arguments against the FCC’s decision, including the negative impact on the future of health care and education, First Amendment violations and how the new rules harm digitally underserved and unserved communities. All told, a broad cross section of Americans told the court that the unelected agency’s misguided decision will diminish America’s world-class Internet, unless it’s overturned. [Read more…]

Lighting 10,000 Sparklers at Once To Ring in the New Year

One sparkler is fun, but 10,000 igniting at the same time is something you have to see.  It may be tough to get a hold of ordinance like sky-rockets, roman candles, and fire crackers these days.  But, sparklers are a bit more easily attained.  Get a few (hundred) boxes and you can ring in the New Year with a bang! [Read more…]

Apps to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

For the next few weeks, or few days, you’re compelled to fulfill promises to yourself for the New Year.  This means most of us will vow to lose weight, learn something new or travel to new places.

Of the most popular resolutions: losing weight; volunteer to help others; quit smoking; get a better education; get a better job; save money; get fit…your resolution is probably nothing new.  But, how do you do it without someone looking over your shoulder?

Stat’s show 1 in 10 will actually follow through on those resolutions.  However, digital help is here! [Read more…]

Shooting a GoPro Hero 4 from a Homemade CANNON – Crissy Field San Francisco

Few things are as exciting as shooting something out of a cannon…but try shooting a GoPro using a 3D-printed projectile!  This very cool video is going viral as hell, showing two guys doing just that.  David and Ryan, created a homemade cannon with their GoPro as a cannon ball.  The footage it shoots on its way up, and then back down where they catch it, is astounding! [Read more…]

Sidecar, Uber and Lyft competitor, is shutting down on December 31

Sidecar has announced it’s shutting down at the end of the year. Company chief executive Sunil Paul explsidecar shutting downained in a Medium post (not the company’s official blog, strangely) that the move was intended to help pave the way so his team could “work on strategic alternatives and lay the groundwork for the next big thing.” All ride and delivery operations will shut down at 2 p.m. Pacific time on December 31, 2015.
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Mark Zuckerberg thinks India should be more grateful for Facebook’s free internet

While he’s technically on paternity leave, he couldn’t sit idly by as India attempts to halt, Facebook’s initiative to provide free but limited internet to the developing world.

Last week, the Times of India reported that the country’s telecom regulatory body had asked Facebook’s partner, wireless carrier Reliance, to cease the service as it determines whether operators should be able to price their services based on content. Responding to criticisms of the program, Zuckerberg penned an op-ed published Dec. 28 in the English-language daily. In it, he expressed annoyance that India is debating net neutrality—a principle dictating that telecom operators provide people with equal access to the internet—as the country struggles to connect its citizens to the internet.

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Fight back against your ISP: Stop paying bogus modem rental fees

modem rental fees

Cable and satellite TV providers charge you as much as a monthly Netflix subscription or even more to rent a cable box that allows you to use their services. You’ll likely end up paying hundreds of dollars for this box over the course of your contract.

Of course, pay TV companies are also Internet service providers, and they double up and pull the same move with your modem. Same as cable boxes, you can fight back against these bogus charges by purchasing your own hardware.
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