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Project Goliath: Hollywood’s war against Google

What is “Goliath” and why are Hollywood’s most powerful lawyers working to kill it?

Leaked emails from the hack against Sony show that major movie companies are working together with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) on a project aimed to stop a company known as “Goliath.”

It’s pretty clear they’re referring to Google. [Read more...]

The Sony hack: how it happened, and who is responsible

The Sony hackLast month, hackers infiltrated the computer network of Sony Pictures Entertainment. The attackers stole a huge number of confidential documents, which are now being downloaded (primarily by journalists) from file-sharing networks. Since then, journalists have been poring through the files looking for tabloid-worthy information.

The FBI, and Obama Administration, have now formally accused North Korea’s government of being responsible but offered few hints about how or whether it would retaliate. Its proof: The U.S. detected communications between computer Internet addresses known to be operated by North Korea and hacking tools left behind at the crime scene, which the FBI also said contained subtle clues linking them to that country’s government. [Read more...]

100Mbps Internet available to 59% of US – Gigabit just 3%

2 percent of Americans can’t even get 3Mbps!

More than one quarter of American homes have not adopted Internet service, many citing cost as their primary reason. Since market competition can significantly affect consumer prices, we set out to ask: how many Internet service providers (ISPs) are available to consumers at different levels of download speeds? - Department of Commerce

Though some pockets of the US have a competitive market for ultra-fast broadband, a new government report shows that Internet service of at least 100Mbps is limited, and where it exists there is usually just one provider 59% of U.S. Households Can Buy 100 Mbps Internet Accessthat offers it. [Read more...]

Flipboard for iPad review

Flipboard InterfaceAmong the already great selection of iPad news-reading apps, Flipboard (free) continues to be the best of the best, of the best…with honors. Version 3.0 of Flipboard for the iPad now has a more streamlined interface, a daily curated magazine, and a way of reading that looks like a social media site and encourages you to follow topics, people, and magazines. Flipboard 3.0 is still very much like it’s preceding versions, with aggregated articles, videos, and social media all at your fingertips. [Read more...]

Is the web dying, killed off by mobile apps?

In an article today on the author discusses the concept of how browsing HTML based sites is shrinking as a percentage.  Although the Internet is used as a conduit for connecting users to content and software, the number of folks actually browsing random websites is definitely shrinking.  Gigaom does passively discount the idea that browsing may soon be dead, with the cavelier phrase “it’s complicated” in their title.  However, there is no doubt users are basically pushed content these days.  And, control of this medium is definitely in play. [Read more...]

SPARE: Mobile App to End Hunger

Spare: phone app to end hunger

Andra Tomsa, 27, started Spare Change as a way to generate micro donations. The nonprofit will now launch it’s own app that will allow users to track how much they donate.

Bronx waitress creates a mobile phone app to end hunger in the city

Andra Tomsa started the nonprofit Spare Change to raise money from bar patrons. Now users of the new app will get to track how much they donate and win free drinks.

This fetching Bronx waitress really is dishing up change. [Read more...]

World’s biggest IPO – Alibaba debuts at $92.70 a share

Alibaba IPOChinese e-commerce giant Alibaba will debut this morning on the New York Stock Exchange as the biggest public offering of all time. The company founded by Jack Ma in 1999, will raise as much as $22 billion.

The historic IPO was set to price at $68 a share, but quickly shot to over $92/share! The company will have a market capitalization of $168 billion. Alibaba will be listed under the ticker ‘BABA’. [Read more...]

Best Antivirus Software for 2014

Antivirus SoftwareWith external threats online there’s no doubt Antivirus software is now a necessity. However, which one to choose can be a tedious process. Most just choose what is readily available as they purchase the computer. Or, they visit several different ratings sites to see what the experts have to say. BitsOnBroadband has taken the work out of the process. [Read more...]

For the first time, more Americans subscribe to cable internet than cable TV

As predicted in our recent article, How to Cancel Cable and Save with Free TV, cable companies starting to lose TV subscribers as consumers find better alternatives to cable TV.  We can now safely say that folks are listening, and jumping off the triple-play bandwagon. [Read more...]

2 million people still have dial-up Internet service

About 20 years ago, the AOL startup disc was as ubiquitous as McDonald’s locations. In the era before broadband, AOL was the most dominant Internet service provider with more than 126 million subscribers. I actually worked for PeoplePC for a period of time, and we had the same direct mail initiatives. At that time CD’s were an awesome way to attract new subscribers. [Read more...]